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Product Dojo Berlin April 2018

At the Product Dojo Berlin in April product creators powered up their skills in finding products customers love. While navigating the way from initial idea to validated product, they applied the frameworks Design Thinking, Scrum and Lean Startup, and had a lot of fun.          

Develop a Company Culture Like a Product

Develop a Company Culture Like a Product Stefan Haas held a talk in Lissabon on the 22th of March by the invitation of Productized Talks. Stefan shared his approach to scaling an organisation by growing and nurturing the company culture with a product mindset and gave an example of how this approach was applied on… Read more »

#PoDojo Studio: Hacking for Clean Air

At our open #PoDojo Studio “Hacking for Clean Air” on Feb 27 we had a brief introduction to the topic and than started to use the #PoDojo innovation set-up in small teams to ideate solutions to the problem of indoor air pollution. Each team was staffed around an air filtration expert from our guest start-up… Read more »

#PoDojo at Audi.Denkwerkstatt

In a two day workshop we enabled teams from the new batch of the Audi.Denkwerkstatt with the #PoDojo Lean Start-up cycle to navigate rapidly from idea to test while growing their team superpowers.         

Book review: Mapping Experiences by Jim Kalbach

“Mapping Experiences: A Complete Guide to Creating Value through Journeys, Blueprints & Diagrams” by Jim Kalbach is a holistic tutorial on why and how to map the experiences of the people who use your products or services. It’s a bible of experience mapping, a book for using as a resource, not for reading. Why we… Read more »

Steve Denning at #PoDojo Studio

At his session at the #Podojo Studio Steve Denning talked about Strategic Agility. Here are the four recordings of his Berlin webinar: The Age of Agile from December 2017. Part 1  Operational Agility Part 2  The Three Laws of Agile Part 3 : Strategic Agility Part 4 : Q&A

Product Dojo Berlin Dec 2017

Thanks to everybody who has been part of the Product Dojo this December in Berlin. Enjoy the pictures of our three day workshop full of ideas, fun and enthusiasm. Next Product Dojo will be in April 2018 (tickets available).           

#PoDojo Studio at Zalando

Thanks to Jeff Patton, Torsten Kunz and Michael Perscheid for the inspiring talks about “Large Scale Product Management” at the #Podojo Studio Meetup.