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#PoDojo Berlin, June 2016

We did it again! Three day #PoDojo in Berlin full of intensive learning. Here are some pictures of the training days.

The Lean Startup Dojo at Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator

Learn how to startup? Join a Dojo On Friday May 13 Stefan Haas and Jens Otto Lange from the #PoDojo have been invited with their one day workshop ‘Lean Startup Dojo’ to work with teams from the seven startups of Program9 at Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator. At the #PoDojo we create hands-on learning… Read more »

How to: 6-3-5 Brainwriting

In every #PoDojo workshop, on day 2 we create a product. In our class we begin with an introduction to Design Thinking, specifically empathising with the customer. One of the things we have discovered about product creation is that without initiating play, we have no innovation, and conversely given permission to play, we see all… Read more »

How to: Validate Your Product Idea

Lower risk, test early to learn early There’s a thrilling product vision that inspires you. But will it really work? Don’t step in the trap to fall in love with your product baby. You might want to find out what works as early as possible, to avoid the risk of building something nobody wants. So… Read more »

A look back at the last #PoDojo

Thank you all for your energy, ideas and passion you brought to the #PoDojo at betahaus in Berlin, February 2016.      

Getting started with Kanban

Kanban in product development helps to organize the chaos of knowledge work and provides the basis for evolutionary continuous improvement of the flow of work for individuals, teams and larger organizational units. The purpose to use Kanban is to improve the time it takes for an item of work to flow through the system which… Read more »

How I learned to stop talking and start playing

Guest Post by Philip Baumann Two of the most inspiring events I attended in 2015 were the Product Owner Dojo (#PoDojo) in Berlin in March and in November. “Wait a minute!” you are saying. “The same training event twice?” Yes, it was indeed a unique and highly inspiring experience both times for two reasons: No… Read more »

Lean UX to create products customers love

It’s all about the user’s perception of the product “A work of art is made entirely by those who look at it or read it and make it survive by their acclaim or even their condemnation”. (Marcel Duchamp) People love products when they realize gains or relieve pains while making use of it. This experience… Read more »

15 Minutes Culture Mapping

Why bother about work culture? In the last Agile Game Lab hosted at King’s Berlin office this week we tried out the culture map beta version from strategyzer, for a version with trigger questions download this pdf. We believe that what an organization is capable to create is tightly coupled to the work culture within… Read more »