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How to: Introduce Agile with an adaptive framework

Try not to make a BDUF waterfall plan for introducing Agile There is a temptation to make a great plan for an “Agile transition” involving finding best practices and leading all teams in the same direction. There are many reasons not to do this, one in particular stands out: if you believe in an adaptive… Read more »

Book review: Strategy and the Fat Smoker by David Maister

David Maister’s book Strategy and the Fat Smoker came as a recommendation to us from one of the #PoDojo attendees. In the Sensei’s words: “Really read this book, it makes you think about all of those things we do day to day that we shouldn’t do, but we do them anyway.” Many thanks to this… Read more »

How to: Get started creating your own Culture Code

There are questions we hear, usually from companies larger than a couple of hundred people, posing the problem of “how do you enable teams to be high performing, self-organizing, -disciplined, -managed, and yet have these teams be able to represent one single company?” The underlying fear is one of the teams running amok creating their… Read more »

Impressions of the #PoDojo Fishbowl, October Zurich

The #PoDojo Fishbowl brought the Zurich Product Owner community and their friends together for the first time at the Cabaret Voltaire. Lightning talks Stefan Haas introduced many ideas about “culture hacking” to start the evening. Liz Henry led the group in a discussion of art and product ownership and helped us understand how the values… Read more »

Impressions of the #PoDojo 12 Zurich

Zurich joins the #PoDojo The 12th #PoDojo was also the first to happen in Zurich. The #PoDojo took place in the Cabaret Voltaire which saw the birth of the Dada movement in the 1940s. The #PoDojo attendees found ways to challenge conventional thinking through innovative product development, for example in combing Lean Startup practices with… Read more »

Impressions of the #PoDojo 11 Vienna

A first glance at the #PoDojo 11, which took place in Vienna this October We had a wonderful creative group attend our three day #PoDojo 11 workshop, and three product ideas sprouted. Here is a sneak peek of the activities: In the Fishbowl An evening full of interesting lightning talks by Frank Bieser, Maximilian Hantsch-Köller and… Read more »

Impressions of the #PoDojo Fishbowl, October Berlin

We had an evening full of interesting lightning talks followed by an intensive fishbowl panel at the betahaus Berlin. Lightning talks Chaehan So, COO of Axel Springer Ideas Engineering GmbH, on: Why product owners hate product discovery. Engaging everybody in organizational change and leveraging one’s intrinsic motivational structure. There’s no one-size-fits-all for your change message,… Read more »

Impressions of the #PoDojo 10 Berlin

A first glance at the #PoDojo 10, which took place in betahaus in Berlin this October Three days of immersive learning activities with a great group of people! Thank you all again for joining us. Here are some of our take-aways and inspirations we have got from working with a great group: Our methods help even… Read more »

Book review: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

“Companies aren’t families. They’re battlefields in a civil war.” Charles Duhigg In Product Development, where “continuous improvement” can sometimes feel like “constantly not getting it right”, we’re always searching for advice on how best to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is that we’re ok with where we are…. Read more »

Book review: Nurture Shock by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman

Much of the secret spice of creating great products has to do with creating great teams. The sources that I find the most useful in this space do not come from the business world however, they come from psychology. One book in particular, not a new book, but one that I have on my shelf… Read more »