Product Dojo Coaching helps Product People Flow Again

Creating Products is a Messy Job

It’s part of creating products customers love to go through messy difficulties that slow our movement. When blocked flow goes on for too long, people feel pretty bad: dread, stress, and grumpiness drive morale down. Communications fail, results are poor.

What Can You Do About it?

The answer has to do with two things: people and processes. Product Dojo Online Coaching helps you with both, in a safe space on your own time schedule.

With our Product Dojo Coaching we focus on

  • what a leader or member of a stuck team can do to help everyone get back to a state of group flow
  • and how a team can re-align, make a decision, pull together and move as one in the right direction.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching helps you improve what’s going on in thoughts and feelings, that is getting in the way of achieving the psychological flow state together. People are complex, so a lot of things can be going on.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty in your project
  • You’re afraid to make a move because it could be the wrong one
  • You feel like you’re supposed to be an expert, but you actually don’t know what to do next
  • You’re in a power struggle or conflict with someone
  • You grapple secretly with anxiety, low confidence, or caring too much what others think
  • You feel like you’re not seen, known, or valued enough in your true gifts
  • Your team doesn’t feel fully safe psychologically to you
  • You can’t figure out how to motivate your team

Personal coaching helps you encourage the brighter feelings of excitement, security and joy that are associated with high energy and productivity.
We do this by helping you adjust what’s going on below the surface, that has been causing you and your team to stop achieving flow together – so you can get back to the trust, playfulness and exploration that make for great teamwork.

Team Coaching

Team coaching helps you to set the right causes and conditions for work to flow smoothly through a team.

Does some of this sound familiar to you?

  • Your team’s rhythms and processes feel like they tie you down, instead of freeing you up
  • Your frameworks and methods add weight rather than lightening your load
  • You’re not sure if your roadmaps really help you navigate, and if your vision really helps you see
  • You’re missing good ways to make team decisions quickly while still having buy in from everyone
  • You’re missing a sane, repeatable process for determining what work to do and when
  • You’re struggling with how to turn hunches and ideas into validated facts

Working with a coach on process topics helps relieve stuckness by adjusting what’s going on in the structures and systems surrounding you and your team. With personalized attention to your case, we help you re-shape them to optimize for flow.

What Our Customers Say

Being in a startup team often means high pressure and uncertainty. Both can be roadblocks for creativity and collaboration which is so crucial for success. The #podojo 1×1 was an eye-opening experience for me. It helped me not only to unfold my full potential under these difficult conditions but also to motivate others.
Alex Ubl, Product Manager, STREAMETRIC

Recently, I was part of a team to work on a project to deliver the product in 5 months, none of the team members had prior working/personal relationship. In this difficult situation, having almost 10h of one-to-one coaching with Holly helped me to identify many things in myself and other people’s need and rationale behind. Holly helped me with different techniques to understand the root cause of personal conflicts, reason of demotivation and individuals being non-committal to be as team. Understanding the bottom of the problem eventually helped me to be a better person and lead team in effective way. I am glad to have Holly as my personal coach, it really helped me to be successful in what I am doing now.” Sreenath Kariveti, Innovation Management, New Product Development, Mann + Hummel Group

Holly’s coaching sessions have given a new dimension to my perspectives, it has helped me to keep the prejudices and judgements aside and interpret conversations effectively and empathize when needed, these have certainly helped me in both professional and personal life.
Mohan BP, Lead Product Engineer, Mann + Hummel Group

We’re a multicultural team of 5 people with different professional backgrounds selected by our company in order to found a corporate startup in Silicon Valley within 6 months. Coming out of organizational structures and now working in this innovative environment PoDojo offered great support both for our business ( following the lean startup methodology and also individually in terms of personal development. We learned how to improve our entrepreneurial skills and to stay agile in our decision making process while applying the build-measure-learn loop and reflecting upon our hypotheses during the design sprint, for example. Doing the right things at the right time is very critical for any startup and young businesses so I can highly recommend PoDojo’s very competent team that will help you to develop your business efficiently and to grow with healthy team dynamics.
Kerstin Niederle, Commodity Buyer, Mann + Hummel Group

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