Does this sound familiar to you?

“After the Design Sprint everyone is passionate about the idea, but what’s next?”
“We have many ideas for different business areas, but how can we decide where to put our effort”
“Our business plan looks great, but it will take ages and it will cost a fortune to implement. How to avoid a big mistake?”
“We have so many creative people who are so busy with their day to day job, but we need to bring them and their ideas together to start a company wide innovation program. How can we setup a workshop where we learn how to work with ideas and move the ideas a bit further?”
“Our innovation project is going soso, how do we know where we stand and how can we setup a transparent process without a lot of bureaucracy?”

How to Navigate the Fuzzy Innovation Process

Searching for value propositions and business models beyond the known terrain of the existing well understood business area is a fuzzy, often chaotic process. Many factors to success are unknown which makes a plan driven approach a recipe for failure. Business plan driven project management is investing into a product that no user cares about and a business model that won’t work as expected.

But also an ad-hoc approach is lacking the transparency and discipline needed to move forward as a team under the often extreme uncertainties of a new venture. Inhouse we practice an iterative approach to innovation that is based on the Lean Startup Method and acknowledges the high level of uncertainty addressing the riskiest assumptions first and deals with the complexity of innovation with an agile mindset.

Lean Innovator Dojo at Axel Springer Plug&Play

Inhouse at Axel Springer Plug&Play

Start your Innovation Cycle

As a starting point of an innovation cycle, of a lighthouse project, or a fast assessment of multiple ideas in parallel or just a strategy pit stop for an ongoing innovation initiative we provide entrepreneurs and teams inhouse the hands-on coaching using the tools within a creative environment that is needed to ideate, design, prototype and test their ideas – learning rapidly with passion.

Working on a relevant challenge from the start participants learn the lean innovation methods, innovation cycle and tools that we working as coaches apply on a daily with our clients. The canvases, methods and innovation cycle we introduce are tried multiple times and ready to use for iterating of the ideas towards products that customers will love and that fit within viable business models right away after the inhouse workshop.

Action Learning the Lean Innovator’s Toolbox

Inhouse we are working on real challenges and participants learn working Agile within teams how to iterate an idea fast with little effort and deepen their skills using methods from from qualitative research, Design Thinking, Business Model and Value Proposition Design, Lean Startup.

Using the Strategyzer toolbox participants practice a visual language to frame ideas and to ideate, design and evaluate value proposition and business model options. By practicing Design Thinking participants learn team based methods for ideation, prototyping and crafting storyboards to tell the story of your idea. Participants learn how to extract and map hypothesis and how to apply different testing strategies suitable for B2B and B2C scenarios.

Lean Innovator Dojo at Axel Springer Plug&Play

Inhouse at Axel Springer Plug&Play

Creating a Culture for Creativity

We co-design a culture that serves as a starting point to reflect on your organisation’s innovation culture. To accelerate the team process participants learn how to use a micro version of Scrum as a process to iteratively plan, work and improve as a team.

By using a lightweight version of Scrum that is truly cross-functional and easy to adopt by non-software people coming from fields such as Design, Marketing and Business Development you will experience the team dynamics within an agile process when building the first version of a real Minimum Viable Product.

Inhouse – a learning journey

Some days before the participants join the pre-work program via a Slack team where they will get all the details needed to prepare their pitch and refresh their method skills. At the workshop event we give a short introduction to the Lean Innovator culture and agile approach to validate ideas.

It starts with a pitching round of proposals followed by teaming-up around the ideas, framing and evaluating the initial ideas using the Value Proposition Canvas on the first day and the Business Model Canvas on the second day within the design phase of the process. To test the designed ideas within the test phase teams extract and map the most critical hypotheses behind the proposals.

For the most critical hypotheses the agile teams craft experiments to validate elements of the initial idea using an extensive library of testing methods for B2C and B2B scenarios. Each day ends with a presentation of the team’s results, innovation reporting structure, a follow up plan, lessons learned of the day and team retrospective to grow the innovation culture.

After the inhouse workshop the participants get access to continuous online support via Slack, all materials covered, rich documentation and optional ongoing coaching support.

Lean Innovator Dojo at Mind the Product

Inhouse at Mind the Product


To prepare and customize we provide a co-creation process that includes the design of an innovation accelerator program, multiple steps to activate entrepreneurs, exploration of the design space and ideation workshops as well as a Coach-the-Coach model to grow capabilities within the internal staff and scale the effort.

After the inhouse workshop we support the resulting initiatives within our team on Slack, optional coaching sessions remote and onsite. For companies that need to extend their existing cross-functional teams with complementary skills we provide via the #PoDojo network access to trusted experts in the field of Design Thinking Experts, Agile Coaches, Lean UX, Product Management, Product Owner and Software Development.

Lean Innovator Dojo for a customer of hy! Berlin

Inhouse with a customer of hy! Berlin

Who is it for?

Members of the Leadership team who want to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in their teams. Internal entrepreneurs, who want to move their ideas further,  people with an idea to pursue within an organisation and small startup teams, who want to clarify and validate their idea. Coaches and project leaders who want to extend their coaching toolbox to facilitate innovation processes.

At least some participants should bring a business model idea including some customer research, e.g. in the form of Personas and/or Jobs-to-be-Done or alternatively be prepared to join a team helping with their expertise and process knowledge. It’s beneficial but not mandatory that some participants should have some practical experience with either Design Thinking, Agile and Scrum. Participants should have a beginner knowledge of the Business Model Canvas which can be achieved by joining the pre-work program.

What our Customers Say

“What a great two day session! Received many new insights on how to adapt agile to my daily work!Thanks to the great trainers with lots of experience!” Alexander Hochgürtel, Kienbaum
“Great workshop, very action orientated and really valuable experience for our Startup.” Vincent Houdebine, Tiresio
“Insightful workshop. A Leanstartup Crash Course!” Alina Razzouk, Wingly
“The guys make a great job bringing the practical component to the lean startup theory! Thank you!” Philipp Katz, LineUpr GmbH
“It is highly productive and it is fun to do.” Chrisopher Speer, Atameo
“Our Lean Product Innovation Workshop with Stefan was a great experience and although we are already pros with respect to Design Thinking and Lean Startup each of us expanded their know-how and got introduced to new tools.” Carolin (Torner) Kroeger, W&W digital / etventure
“PoDojo puts you in a position where you are able to take a step back and create real valuable concepts and roadmaps to succeed.” Konrad Schwarz, etventure
“Provides the tools to get rid of the noise and down to the core…” Thomas Herzog, etventure
“This was a fantastic class! As someone who has never learned about Lean methodologies (from a business perspective), I will use all information assist my company with developing new ideas and testing them quickly. Thank you, Stefan and Jens, for being such great trainers and showing our team how to do this simply and easily.” Alecia Gabriel, Röchling
“PoDojo enabled our energy and creativity and moving us to incredible ideas.” Yvonne Balzer, Kienbaum

Lean Innovator Dojo at W&W digital / etventure

Inhouse at W&W digital / etventure


  • How to Identify and prioritize customer’ Jobs-To-Be-Done as source of innovation
  • How to design and test value propositions that address the Jobs-To-Be-Done of potential customers
  • How to design business models: Mechanics, Best Practices, Pitching an idea, Feedback and Assessment Methods
  • Optional: Strategy canvas, Environment model, Business Model mini patterns, Business Model evolution 4 action framework
  • How to ideate and select a promising business model idea to pursue
  • How to identify, prioritize hypothesis
  • How to design plan and execute tests to validate hypothesis and to learn based on an extensive testing library for validation
  • How to pitch a business model concept
  • Experience how to create alignment, purpose and focus within a team and organisation
  • How to prototype a storyboard, user story mapping and optional Video MVP creation
  • How to apply creative, customer centric solution oriented techniques from Design Thinking
  • Pattern to design innovation cycle
  • Experience of an innovation culture
  • Canvases and tests designed and ready to be used

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